Note: Candlelight stock is very limited and several items are now out for the 2021 season.

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SafeFlame LED Candles | Candlelight Service


Battery Operated Candles

  • Available in Packs of 10 and Packs of 25
  • AAA Batteries Included
  • Alternative to Wax Candles
  • Safe for Kids and Adults
  • Long-Lasting LED Bulb and Battery (150+ hours)
  • Easy On/Off Switch
  • Approx 6" in length

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It's easier than ever to shop for Candlelight Service Sets.
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Paper Disc Drip Protectors

Paper Sets

Budget Friendly

Plastic Disc Drip Protectors

Plastic Disc Sets

Best Seller

Plastic Holder Drip Protectors

Plastic Holder Sets

Customer Favorite

Plastic Shield Drip Protectors

Plastic Shield Sets

Wind Resistant

Top Selling Candlelight Service Set

Candlelight Sets

Candlelight Set with Plastic Holders

This candlelight set includes candles and the top-rated plastic holder drip protectors

  • 250 Wax Candles
  • 250 Plastic Holder Drip Protector

Best-Selling Candlelight Products

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Create the best possible experience for your candlelight service, event, or vigil. Get your Candlelight Sample Pack and physically see and touch the various candles and drip protectors that we offer.

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  • 4¼" Candle
  • 5" Candle
  • 5¾" Candle
  • 6½" Candle
  • SafeFlame Battery Candle

Drip Protectors

  • White Paper Disc
  • Plastic Disc
  • Plastic Holder
  • Clear Plastic Shield
  • White Plastic Shield

Find Your Candlelight Service Set

Our candlelight service sets include candles and drip protectors of your choice. Use this chart to compare our drip protector options and discover which type of set is the best for your candlelight service.

Paper Drip Protector

Paper Disc Sets

Plastic Drip Protector

Plastic Disc Sets

Plastic Holder Protector

Plastic Holder Sets

Plastic Shield Protector

Plastic Shield Sets




Fitting into your service's budget

As low as 18¢ per person

As low as 35¢ per person

As low as 57¢ per person

As low as 70¢ per person

As low as $1.20 per person


Finding products for multiple uses

Drip Protection

Containing wax for easy cleanup

Candle Efficiency

Planning for a longer burn time

Flame Protection

Account for weather and proximity

Bright-Shining Keepsakes for Little Ones

Let younger children participate in your candlelight service, or host a flame-free candlelight event for your youth group. These handheld glow sticks are budget-friendly, easy to distribute and a good take home gift for kids.

Candlelight Glow Sticks

"The Lord is My Light" Glow Sticks

  • Yellow Glow
  • 3¾" Length
  • "The Lord is My Light!" Text
  • Pack of 12

Candle Shape Glow Sticks

  • Purple-White Glow
  • 6" Length
  • Shaped like a candlelight service candle
  • Pack of 12

Buy your Drip Protectors & Candles in Bulk

Bulk Candles & Drip Protectors allow you to build your own custom set so that you can achieve your unique goals and quantity needs for your church. Our Bulk Candles and Drip Protectors are also the perfect option if you are looking to supplement your existing candlelight supplies or sets.

Candlelight Sets

Bulk Drip Protectors

Candlelight Sets

Bulk Candlelight Candles

Compare Drip Protectors

Drip protectors are essential to candlelight services. Choose from paper, plastic disc, plastic holder, and the wind-resistant clear shield.

Paper Drip Protectors

Paper Drip Protectors

Budget Friendly

Paper Drip Protectors are economical, easy to use, disposable, and make for easy cleanup. Simply use once and throw away! The most popular for short services, outdoor vigils, and single-use events. They provide adequate dripping wax protection for most uses. A good choice when budget is a concern.

Plastic Drip Protectors

Plastic Disc Protectors

Best Seller

Our most economical plastic drip protector! This plastic disc is a simple design that provides additional stability and wax drip protection. These are economical enough to be used for a single service as well as durable enough for multiple uses.

Plastic Holders

Plastic Holders

Customer Favorite

This plastic candle holder fully contains the wax and provides users 100% protection from dripping wax. Because the candle sits inside the holder, it allows for the entire candle to burn. Recommended for inside venues where wax cleanup is a main concern and/or when a longer burn time is desired.

Plastic Shield Protectors

Plastic Shield Protectors

Wind Resistant

These plastic shield protectors are ideal for outdoor events where wind may be a concern. Popular with choirs and caroling groups for visual appeal and added flame protection when standing close to others. We highly recommend longer length candles when using these shields to adequately hold the candle.

Compare Candles

Candle size comparison chart

Find the Right Candles for Your Service

Our Candlelight Service Sets come in a variety of sizes and drip protector options. Candles burn roughly 1" of wax every 30 minutes.

Available Sizes:

All candles are ½" in diameter

  • 6½" candles
  • 5¾" candles
  • 5" candles
  • 4¼" candles


Making your Christmas service bright

A wonderful tradition for Christmas services, concerts or events. Use luminarias to light walkways and bring a warm glow to your church or neighborhood this Christmas season. Simply fill the white paper bags with sand or pebbles and add one candle to each bag.