An out of this world mission to discover God's glory!

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An out of this world mission to discover God's glory

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Starter Kit


Your NORB-E Digital Starter Kit Includes:

Join NORB-E, a space exploration assistant tasked with helping us on our mission to seek the glory of God in the furthest reaches of the universe.

  • Includes game instruction videos
  • Memorization videos
  • Bible story videos
  • Teaching videos
  • and more...
  • Fully mixed tracks
  • Performance tracks
  • Lyric videos
  • Bible story drama scripts
  • Still and motion title slides
  • Logo and artwork files
  • Promotional materials
  • Parent email template
  • Social media posts
  • Facebook support group

Daily Bible Content

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." Psalm 19:1 (NIV)

The Great Unknown

Bible Story

12 Spies Explore Canaan

Bible Basis

Numbers 13:1-14:9

Big Idea

God is faithful, so we can have the courage to follow Him into the great unknown.

Memory Verse

Joshua 1:9


With the help of NORB-E, your crew of kids train to become Space Rangers.

Wonderfully Made

Bible Story

God Creates the Universe

Bible Basis

Genesis 1

Big Idea

God has made us wonderfully, so we can praise Him.

Memory Verse

Psalm 139:14


The Space Rangers blast off into outer space for their first mission with NORB-E.

More Super than a Supernova

Bible Story

Samuel Cries out to God

Bible Basis

1 Samuel 7

Big Idea

God is powerful, so I can cry out to Him for help in times of trouble.

Memory Verse

Psalm 18:6


Captain Crank intercepts your ship, but NORB-E helps you escape his cranky clutches.

Light Years Away

Bible Story

The Prodigal Son

Bible Basis

Luke 15:11-32

Big Idea

God is forgiving, so I can take my sins to Him.

Memory Verse

Psalm 103:12


Captain Crank captures NORB-E, but you battle to get him back and save the mission.

Compassion in Action

Bible Story

Feeding the 5,000

Bible Basis

Matthew 14:13-21

Big Idea

God is compassionate, so we can have compassion on others.

Memory Verse

Psalm 145:9


When you receive a distress signal from Captain Crank, NORB-E helps you jump into action to show him compassion.




His name is Non Organic Robot Buddy – Explorer Class. But you can call him NORB-E. He's a space exploration assistant tasked with helping us on our mission to seek the glory of God in the furthest reaches of the universe.

Captain Crank

Meet Captain Crank

You'd better buckle up, though, there's turbulence ahead! Captain Crank is the crankiest kitty in all of outer space and he won't stop until our plans are puuurfectly foiled. Don't worry, though! With the help of NORB-E, we'll outwit that cranky kitty and discover that the glory of God is out of this world!

NORB-E Robot Buddy

Meet Gary

Look out — it's double trouble! Being the "Menace of the Milky Way" is more than one cat can handle. That's where Gary comes in. He's Captain Crank's sensible side-kick. If only he could get that cranky kitty to listen to his suggestions. It's so hard being an intergalactic intern!

How it Works

Buckle Up...

This is going to be fun!

Space Rotations

During this space adventure, kids are more than mere spectators, they’re participants in the mission every step of the way! Your entire sanctuary will become the inside of a rocket ship and the kids will become your crew of Space Rangers.

Each day begins with all the Space Rangers together. As the story unfolds, they'll participate in hilarious stage games and audience experiences that will launch them out of their seats. It’s high energy fun that they'll never forget.

Next, the story continues as the Rangers break into smaller pods and depart for their Space Rotations. During the rotations, they'll play games, learn songs, create space crafts, and blast into the Bible story.

Finally, the whole crew will gather together one more time for the Mission Debrief. During this debrief, the Space Commander will deliver a fun-filled message that helps kids see how the heavens declare the glory of God. The action isn't over, though. As we navigate the ship to the Bible verse, kids will have to jump left, right, up, and down to steer the ship through the asteroid field. When the day is done, the room will be buzzing with energy and kids will be begging for more.


Ben Calhoun

Includes 6 original songs by Ben Calhoun of Citizen Way, a chart-topping contemporary Christian band.

Theme Song


Rescue Mission

Pow Pow Powerful

God's Love into Action

Made in Your Image